Hiring During the Great Resignation

Hiring During the Great Resignation

Hiring during the Great Resignation has presented recruiters across the real estate industry with a new challenge. It has highlighted the importance of hiring the right candidate. Employees have also become aware for many more roles throughout the industry. If you are looking for ideas to improve your hiring during the Great Resignation, we have a few suggestions.

Expand your hiring pipeline

Expanding your hiring pipeline is a great way to find the right candidate for your multifamily job. Instead of focusing on candidates with a specific number of years of experience, consider candidates with more real estate experience. Candidates with more experience than stated in the job description will bring a depth of experience to your company. They will also be able to handle many of the job responsibilities with limited training.

You can also expand your pipeline by considering candidates with experience outside of the real estate industry. Many industries require similar skills that will translate to your role. If you are hiring for a Property Accountant, a candidate with previous banking or accounting experience can potentially be the right new hire.

Expand your hiring reach

Many companies rely on the same methods to find great candidates for every position. By expanding your reach, and targeting new audiences, you will be able to find new groups of candidates for your jobs. Commercial real estate recruiters typically use one job board to find Maintenance Techs and another one for executive roles. Working with a recruiter such as Real Estate Executive Search will expand your reach for a wide range of roles. Our expert recruiters have extensive networks for role throughout the commercial real estate industry. We have connections to a wide range of great candidates with backgrounds in multifamily and commercial real estate.

Expand your hiring flexibility

The pandemic has made many employees reconsider their relationship to working in an office. By increasing the flexibility to work a hybrid schedule or fully remote, you will expand the number of candidates who could work for your commercial real estate firm. Recruiting candidates from across the country also becomes possible if you are flexible enough to offer 100% remote work. Obviously, not every multifamily real estate role can be remote, but by increasing flexibility you can find amazing candidates to hire.

Our expert recruiters can help you navigate through these three ways to expand your hiring pool. We are happy to help you figure out hiring during the Great Resignation and find the right candidate for your role.