Hiring Ideas to Find Great Candidates

Hiring Ideas to Find Great Candidates

Hiring great candidates for open positions is a challenge in a normal employment market. Hiring during the Great Resignation is going to be even more difficult as everyone tries to hire the best real estate talent. According to the US Department of Labor and the National Federation of Independent Businesses, nearly half of all companies can’t fill their open positions. Increasing the flexibility in your hiring will help you find the best new employees for your positions.

Industry Experience Flexibility

Many potential employees decided to get an education or change industries during the pandemic. However, many job descriptions list industry experience as a requirement. By not limiting yourself to those with previous industry experience, you can find many candidates who are looking to break into the real estate industry. Does a candidate have previous sales and customer service experience? They could be a great candidate for a broker or property manager. Providing industry training or sponsoring a broker’s license is a great way to find and hire employees who will stay for the long-term.

Scheduling Flexibility

The pandemic exposed a deep need for greater flexibility from the workplace. Many women were forced to quit their jobs due to childcare and schooling needs. Others left to help take care of elderly relatives. Many older employees are reconsidering whether they want to continue working full-time. Consider whether you really need to hire someone to be in an office from 9:00 to 5:00. Changing roles to part-time or flexible hours can draw great candidates to your company. Other ideas include creating a 10-hour, four day work week or staggering start times so employees can spend less time on their commute. Schedule flexibility will also help you retain the great employees you already have.

Recruiting Flexibility

If your business is too busy to revamp your hiring process, consider hiring a recruiter like Real Estate Executive Search. Our recruiters work with candidates across the country looking to be hired for top real estate companies. Our experts know how to find the best talent for you and will guide you through the hiring process. We are so confident that we will hire the right person for your open position, that we have a Money Back Guarantee. Contact our recruiters to learn more about how we can help you.