Hiring the Right Recruiter

Hiring the Right Recruiter

Working with a recruiter can remove the most difficult part of the hiring process from your plate. However, choosing the right recruiter is essential. Recruiters expedite the hiring process by presenting you with qualified candidates, but the recruiter you choose will change which candidates you see. To find the right recruiter for your business, you have to consider their specialization, reach and approach to hiring. This blend will provide your business with the right candidates to hire.

Specialization of the Recruiters

All recruiters have different areas of specialization. Some recruiters focus on certain types of jobs such as temporary employees while others focus only on executives. Even the largest recruiting firms such as Robert Half have specializations that lead to greater focus on certain industries. At Real Estate Executive Search, we specialize in recruiting for the commercial real estate industry. We help multifamily, retail and office companies throughout the US find and hire great new employees. Additionally, we help our clients hire for every level of their business, whether they are hiring an executive such as a Director of Acquisitions or a Maintenance Technician. Our recruiters have a thorough understanding of the qualities that make a successful commercial real estate business run. We use this insight to help you find and hire the best candidates for your open position.

Industry Reach

Any recruiter you hire must have a broad industry reach. Connections to companies and candidates throughout their industry are essential for successful recruiters. The more connections a recruiter has, the more likely they will be able to advise their client on the best candidate to hire. The recruiters at Real Estate Executive Search have connections to candidates and real estate companies across the country. We have built a deep network of multifamily and other commercial real estate companies, keeping up on the trends that affect their business. And, many of the candidates we successfully place return to us to help them hire a great candidate for their new team.

Approach to Hiring

One of the biggest factors to consider when choosing a recruiter is their approach to hiring. Recruiting the right candidate can sometimes be time consuming or difficult. Some recruiters will help you hire anyone to fill your vacant position, as long as they seem ok for the role. At Real Estate Executive Search, we pride ourselves on finding the right candidate for the right role. We see each recruiting assignment as building a relationship with both our client and the candidate. It is essential that we find the best candidate for our commercial real estate clients. We believe this so strongly, that we provide two different guarantees for our work. These unmatched guarantees show our recruiter’s dedication to both our employer clients and our candidates.

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