Ideas to Fight Job Burnout

Ideas to Fight Job Burnout

Employee burnout and job fatigue can be a real obstacle in your career. Whether you put in extra hours during the pandemic, are taking on extra work for the firm or are stressed out from a 24/7 work culture, burnout can have a real impact on the way you perform at your job. A recent Deloitte survey found that 77% of professionals feel burnout in their current job. Burnout is caused by long-term frustration and stress with your job and can show itself as exhaustion, depression and a quickness to anger. Burnout also bleeds out from your work life into your personal life. However, these ideas should help you fight your burnout and become more engaged in your career.

Establish “Work Hours”

Working remotely has been a benefit for a great number of employees. However, it can also lead you to feel like you are always at the office. 37% of employees said that they started working longer hours during the pandemic. Hybrid work environments will only complicate the confusion between work and free time as you re-establish a commute. By setting aside specific blocks of time to do your work you can help alleviate this feeling. No employer expects workers to sleep at their desks, so you should not feel obliged to check your work email at all hours of the day and night. Within your work day, you can even establish “meeting-free” blocks where you can focus on tasks that require true concentration. These boundaries are critical to helping you feel more engaged with your work and less stressed about it.

Take a Vacation

Many employees are bad at using their annual vacation days under normal circumstances. In 2019, 55% of US workers did not use all of their vacation time. That year, employees forfeited a total of 236 million vacation days. Thanks to the pandemic, many people have accrued even more time off. Taking a vacation is an easy way to restore your mental health and make you reconnect with your job. Even taking a staycation and being a tourist in your own city, will give you the mental health benefits. However, do not be tempted to check in to work all day on your time off. One way to remain connected to work is to set aside an hour a day to check in and answer any urgent emails, after that you should enjoy your time off. Creating a mental break is essential for decreasing stress and feeling excited about your job again.

Step Away from the Screens

Since so much work is done on the computer or our phones, it is easy to forget that one of the best ways to feel more engaged is to spend time away from our screens. Go for a walk outside, start an exercise regimen, practice meditation, or take up a hobby. You can start a wide range activities like these to help you let go of your work stress and frustrations. Incorporating more non-screen time into your day will also help you rediscover what you like about your job.

Find a New Job

If you are still burned out in your current position, then it’s time to look for a new job. See if you can get an internal transfer within the firm or contact a recruiter like Real Estate Executive Search. The most important factor is to consider if it is your role or manager that is creating these feelings. Once you know that, you can decide if you want to stay in the commercial real estate industry or simply find a new employer. Our recruiters can present your resume to real estate companies throughout the US looking to hire great candidates like you.