Ideas to Improve Your Hiring Selection Process

Ideas to Improve Your Hiring Selection Process

After posting a job online, it is critical to have a strong hiring selection process to avoid getting lost in the resumes. Selecting and hiring a new employee can feel overwhelming as you try to narrow down the candidates. Without a strong hiring selection process, you may miss out on great employees who can succeed and improve your business.

Focus on the Hiring Criteria

As you look through piles of resumes, it can be easy to get distracted by the experiences of each candidate. By focusing on the hiring criteria, you will be able to make sure you hire the right candidate. The focus on the critical aspects and knowledge for the job also will help you avoid the halo effect. It will also help you notice candidates who have built skills that are transferrable to the commercial real estate industry. Many candidates have used the pandemic to reconsider their career and move to a new industry. If someone was good at sales in another industry, they can transition successfully to selling and leasing commercial real estate.

Think About Hiring Strategically

When you are short staffed, it can be easy to try to hire someone in a hurry. However, in the long-term that will create more problems than it solves. If you think strategically about your hiring process, you can identify gap in your current team’s skills and try to hire a new candidate who can improve that area. If you are looking to improve tenant relations or retail leasing, hiring a property manager with a background in these areas can be a way to address the issue in your company.

Don’t Wait for Perfection

Although it can be tempting to wait for that perfect candidate, be realistic in your hiring process. Every candidate will bring different skills and experience to the open position. Recruiting employees from a variety of backgrounds will strengthen both your culture and help you find new ways of improving your business. By focusing on the most critical aspects of the job, you can identify great potential employees who bring different perspectives to your firm. Don’t forget, most professionals are looking to develop professionally with each new role. Hiring a candidate who can grow into the role will mean that they will likely be around for the long-term.

By following these guidelines, you will be able to improve your hiring process and find the best new employees for your commercial real estate firm. If you would prefer, we can handle much of the recruiting process for you. Contact us to learn more.