Increase Your Productivity This Summer

Increase Your Productivity This Summer

Summer may feel like a time to slow down, but it is actually a great time to increase your productivity. Summer offers a great chance for you to set new performance-improving habits that will last all year long.

Build Your Network

The long days and warm weather provide great opportunities to strengthen connections and build a stronger professional network. Reach out to connections to see if they would be interested in a round of golf, a happy hour on a patio or even just a long walk outside. After the pandemic lockdowns, this summer is a great chance to re-establish and strengthen your relationships throughout your network. More people are likely to take you up on the opportunity to meet up outside and talk. Outdoor meetings also can offer more opportunities to socially distance if you need to.

Get Off Your Phone

Smart phones have been a great innovation, allowing you to access the internet from anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, that also means that you have all of the distractions available anywhere in the world too. A new study estimates that people spend nearly 4.2 hours per day in apps on their phones. While some apps are likely to be job related, many are just distractions. To improve your productivity, try creating folders for your games and social media away from your job related apps. You can also try downloading productivity apps such as RescueTime to see how you are actually spending your time or Trello to keep track of projects that you and your team are working on. Or try StayFocusd which is a browser extension that will block distracting sites. By limiting the temptations on your phone, you will easily be able to be more productive at work.

Take a Break

Although it may seem counterproductive, taking a break is one of the best ways to keep productive. Take a walk outside of the office to clear your head or talk to one of your co-workers about something outside of work. Spending about five to 10 minutes away from your project will provide a fresh perspective to the work. Your brain is very good at focusing and being highly productive for about an hour on a task, then it switches to low engagement for a while. By taking a break instead of powering through, you will actually be able to come back stronger and more productive than before.

The best part about these productivity ideas is that they encourage you to get outside and enjoy some of the beautiful summer weather. Any time you spend working on improving your performance is not wasted. If you are looking for a new job, let our recruiters help. View our job board here.