Interview Tips for 2022

Interview Tips for 2022

Interviews have changed dramatically over the last few years. Interviews are increasingly less about what your previous roles were and more about what skills you developed in them. A phone interview followed by an in-person conversation is no longer the norm. The questions a candidate should ask have also evolved. Being ready for how interviews have changed is critical for landing your next multifamily real estate job.

Skill Development

Many employers are no longer treating interviews like a discussion of your resume. Instead of focusing on your past positions, they are looking at who you are and what skills you will bring to their firm. This is not to say that your previous experience is irrelevant to the position. However, it is only one piece of the puzzle. Knowing how you think and what skills you have developed over the course of your career is increasingly important.

While it is easier to prepare for questions about your strengths and weaknesses, you can also prepare for these less traditional questions by practicing some introspection. Knowing what kind of work you like to do, what kind of environment you like to work in and what types of people you work best with is an easy place to start. You can also prepare for these types of questions by thinking about what you liked/disliked in your previous role and why. Some interviewers will still ask traditional questions so you should spend some time on those. But increasingly, interviewers are focused on discovering more about you than just your professional experience.

Virtual Interviews

The wide-spread adoption of Zoom or virtual interviews is an obvious side effect of the pandemic. While many people are tired of Zoom calls, they actually are very helpful in the interview process. Because the hiring managers do not need to be at the office at the same time, it can be far easier and faster to find a time for the interview. Additionally, as a candidate, it is easier to find time for a Zoom call rather than coordinating a time to leave your office to meet with the interviewers.

For the virtual interview it is essential that you treat it as a real interview. These are your potential employers, so you should dress professionally. Additionally, make sure there is noting messy, sloppy or distracting in your background. If you have an unmade bed or a pile of dirty dishes visible, it it like showing up to an interview with toilet paper on your shoe. It is not fatal, but it also doesn’t convey the image you want to project.

Questions you Should Ask in 2022

While the questions that employers are asking you are different in 2022, the questions you should ask are also different. Employers are no longer able to ask about your salary history, whether you have been arrested or if you are married with kids. However, there are questions that you should ask a potential employer in 2022.

  • How did your team/business change over the last two plus years?
  • How have you invested in employee engagement?
  • Can you describe the team dynamic and how you would like it to evolve?
  • How does your team support the company’s goals?
  • What training or development opportunities are available with this role?

Asking these questions will give you a better sense of how the company has responded to both the pandemic and the Great Resignation. They will also help you get a better sense of what the day-to-day working environment is really like.

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