Job Hunts for the Holidays

Job Hunts for the Holidays

Job hunting during the holidays can feel like a let down. Some companies are looking for people to start in the new year. Other firms seem like they are browsing for talented employees like LinkedIn and other job boards are a store. Many companies are simply avoiding the hiring question until after the new year starts. As a job seeker, this should not be a discouraging time for you. The holidays can actually give you an opportunity to spend time thinking about your job hunt, your career path and to get ready for the new year rush.

Think about career goals

The holidays are a great opportunity to assess what you really want your career to look like. Your days should be filled with a lot of work that you enjoy doing. If you dread going to work in the morning, you should spend some time thinking about if you dislike your job responsibilities or the environment. Either way, you will gain valuable insight into what you want in your next role. Keeping these responsibilities and goals in mind will make your job hunt easier.

Another good step is to think about the responsibilities that you enjoy doing. Once you know what you like to do, you can figure out if the commercial real estate career path you are on includes many tasks like them. If you really enjoy problem solving, you could become a Property Manager, a Research Analyst, or a Leasing Broker. If you are more interested in the number side of the industry, you could consider becoming a Financial Analyst or a Property Accountant. Many people move around within the commercial real estate industry. Spending time figuring out what you want your next role to include will help you significantly in your job hunt.

Refresh your LinkedIn profile and network

Your LinkedIn profile is an essential part of your job hunt. Recruiters and hiring managers will all look at it before they interview you. The holidays are a great time to make sure that your profile looks its best. Adding photos, providing more than just titles for your jobs and taking skills assessments can all help boost your profile. LinkedIn has even provided some great ideas on how to improve your profile here.

Once you have an updated profile, you can take advantage of the holiday parties and build your network. Holiday parties might not be as big as they were before COVID, but people are still networking and meeting for drinks throughout the holiday season. As you build your network, feel free to mention what kind of a job you are looking for. Many people are happy to connect you with someone in their network who wants to hire. Just be sure to phrase it so it doesn’t sound like you are asking for a job from the person you just met. Otherwise, it will be an awkward end to that conversation.

Revise your resume

Writing a resume is one of the hardest things any professional has to do. But with your year-end review, all of the ways you have contributed in your current role will be top of mind. Therefore, this might be one of the easiest times to sit and write all of your accomplishments. After reassessing your career goals, your resume might change. You might have written it with a role similar to your current one in mind. Reframing your responsibilities with your new career goals in mind can help you see your career and your next step in a different light.

Of course, one of the best ways to keep job hunting during the holidays is to contact a recruiter like Real Estate Executive Search. Our team of recruiters are always helping hire multifamily and commercial real estate professionals, no matter the season!