LinkedIn Tools for Your Job Search

LinkedIn has a wide variety of tools to enhance your job search. Smart job seekers already are aware of the potential to use their LinkedIn profile as an online resume. LinkedIn’s job boards are also very well known for their ability to help you find out who is hiring. Below are a few other LinkedIn tools to help your job search, bringing you to the attention of recruiters and getting hired.

Change Settings to “Open to New Opportunities”

As you start looking for a new job, you should make sure your profile lets recruiters, such as REES, know that you are open to new opportunities. Near the photo on your profile page, there is a plus sign. Clicking this icon gives you the option to indicate that you are open to new opportunities. Recruiters will be able to see your profile and reach out directly to you. This valuable LinkedIn tool is only visible to recruiter accounts, so your boss will not be able to see your status.

Additionally, you get to choose up to five titles you would be interested in for your next role. These titles should use similar relevant keywords and variations of titles you are interested in. You can modify these titles at any time, so you can refine the titles as you go further into your job search. This does not replace submitting applications, but it can help expand your job search.

Join Groups

LinkedIn has a wide range of groups available for you to join, not just ones focused on the real estate industry. Joining groups lets you expand your network based around your interests and connect with like-minded professionals and hiring managers. To find groups to join, enter a keyword such as “Multifamily” in the search bar, then filter for groups. Some ideas of groups to join include:

  • Groups for alumni of your school
  • Groups for recent graduates
  • Real Estate related groups, such as Multifamily Insiders
  • Job searching groups, such as Apartment Careers
  • Relevant groups that an influencer you follow is a part of
  • Groups that companies you are targeting are a part of
  • Industry association groups such as Multifamily Apartment Professionals

These groups will help you connect to other real estate industry professionals and keep up on industry news and trends. You should engage with content you appreciate by commenting or posting a reaction emoji. Build connections with members whose post you resonate with most and add your own posts of relevant content. Remember, participating in the groups is about strengthening your industry network, not just finding a job.

Engage with Hiring Managers

After applying to a role online, you should do some research on the company LinkedIn page. View the people who currently work at the company to see if you have any relevant connections. You can filter by location and role and may even be able to find people who currently hold the role that you applied for.

Reach out and introduce yourself to these people, highlighting any shared connections. Unless they are someone you already know very well, do not start by asking them a favor. Mention that you recently applied to the position and explain why you are excited about the role. Ask them about their experience at the company or in the role. Stand out to these potential connections by being thoughtful, unique in your message and by adding value through the conversation.

Update your Skills, Recommendations and Endorsements

Your LinkedIn profile has a section to add and highlight your professional skills and have your connections endorse them. Be sure that your profile reflects and includes the top skills listed in the job posts that you apply to. You can ask your friends and coworkers to endorse that you are skilled in these relevant areas. Including these skills will help you stand out from the crowd and increase the likelihood of getting a hiring manager to contact you. LinkedIn also has skill assessments that you can take to prove your proficiency in certain skills. If you pass them, the assessment is added to your profile.

You can also as your former supervisors or coworkers to complete recommendations on LinkedIn. From your profile, go to the Recommendations section and click the plus icon. In the menu, click the “Ask for a Recommendation” and search for the connection you would like to provide a recommendation. Make sure that you choose relevant connections who know you well and will give and honest and positive response.

Learn New Skills

LinkedIn has plenty of courses available through its LinkedIn Learning program. These courses can be anything from a refresher on a computer program to job hunting and interview tips. Completing a few courses will demonstrate your dedication and work ethic to recruiters and hiring managers. They also can be added to your profile to show your new skills.

Contact our recruiters to learn more about how LinkedIn’s tools can help you stand out in your job search.