Negotiations for Real Estate Job Hunting

Negotiations for Real Estate Job Hunting

Many professionals know that negotiation skills are critical for the real estate industry, but fail to bring them to their job hunting. As with making a deal for a sale or lease, negotiating for your next job is an essential part of landing the right job. Below are a few critical skills to bring to the negotiation for your next job.

Know what you want

As with closing a real estate deal, you should know both what you would want in an ideal world and what you are willing to compromise on. This goes well beyond salary and can include things such as education reimbursement, working remotely, your title and more. By knowing what you want ahead of time, it will make the back-and-forth easier because you will not feel pressured to accept the first offer that comes along. Also, remember to start with your ideal scenario. That way, you will have room to make concessions while still getting much of what you want. Our recruiters can help you figure out what you need your next real estate job to provide to make you happy. We always work with our clients and candidates to get the best deal for both sides.

Know your value

Many candidates struggle with the idea of asking for their highest and best offer when negotiating. By knowing what your previous experience is worth, you can do a better job of preparing for an offer of employment. Research what the average salary for your current position in your city is. Then, look at the salaries for the job you are targeting. Many employees are hesitant to ask for large jumps in salary for a position they already have. However, in real estate, the first step to leasing a space is to determine what the asking rents are. By understanding the talent market, you will be in a better position to receive the best salary and compensation package possible. Our recruiters are knowledgeable about the job market in major apartment markets across the country. We will help you figure out what you should be looking for in your next role.

View it as a conversation

One of the hardest parts of negotiations is realizing that it is not a list of demands, but a conversation. If you approach it as demands, you will likely watch the employment offer disappear. Instead, be persuasive and practical as you discuss your salary and compensation. You will also need to listen to what kind of an offer your potential employer makes. If they can’t immediately meet your salary expectations, can you work with them to create benchmarks with bonuses? Talk to them about how they see the role they are hiring you for evolving as time goes on. Our recruiters are happy to have frank conversations with you and our real estate clients about what is feasible for both sides to accept. We want you candidates to be hired into roles that will allow them to advance their careers and develop in the industry.