Overwhelmed by Resumes?

Overwhelmed by Resumes

When you are looking to hire a new employee, digital job postings are a blessing and a curse. According to Glassdoor, each corporate jobs receives an average of 250 resumes.

Filtering through these potential candidates can be overwhelming for commercial real estate businesses large and small. Hiring managers want to get the process over and done with quickly so they can focus on their job responsibilities. However, moving too fast means that you might miss some of the best potential employees for your firm. Conversely, some hiring managers ignore the deluge of resumes, leaving many good candidates to walk away before your firm has even considered them. Either way, you might miss out on the best potential employee and make a costly mistake. And having the right team in place, from your Maintenance Specialists to Property Managers to Acquisitions Executives, matters whether you own or develop apartment buildings, retail centers or office properties.

Filtering the tsunami of resumes down to the best candidates who you should interview can feel overwhelming. But at Real Estate Executive Search, we will take much of the headache out of the process. We will identify and present you with the candidates that we believe will be the right fit for your firm.