Preparing for an Interview

Preparing for an Interview

Congratulations! The recruiter contacted you and scheduled a time for an interview. But how should you prepare? There are some key steps you can take to prepare for any interview that will help you move forward in the process and get hired.

Company Research

When you applied to the company, you should have done research on the company to get a sense on whether you would fit into their environment. For your interview, you should take another look at their website and social media in more detail. What is their corporate culture like? What traits do they value in their employees? If someone in your network works for the company, reach out to them and ask them what they like about the company. Knowing this kind of detail will help you frame your answers about your past experiences and career goals.

Prepare for Questions

Another key step in getting ready for an interview is preparing for the questions the interviewer or recruiter will ask. Reviewing the job description in detail and compare it to your previous experiences will help you have answers ready for some of the most common questions.

Typical questions you should prepare for:
– Why are you looking for a new role?
– Tell me about your background and current role
– Why are you interested in this role?
– What are your salary requirements?
– Do you have any questions for me?

As you prepare for these questions, feel free to make notes for yourself. The interviewer will not be offended if you refer to notes. However, do not write a script to answer these questions. Your interview notes should be reminders of tasks/responsibilities that you want to highlight, not detailed answers that you read off the sheet.

Be Ready to Listen

Many people are nervous for their interviews and instead of listening to what the interviewer asks, they just start talking. Being an active listener shows that you have the kind of communication skills that most companies are looking for. Active listening may also help you come up with some insightful follow-up questions. Additionally, by not presenting your entire resume as a soliloquy, you will have a better chance to get to know your interviewer. This can help you learn more about the company and whether you would be a good fit within their organization. Remember, an interview goes two ways – you both are trying to figure out if you would be a good fit to work within their structure.

Obviously, working with the recruiters at Real Estate Executive Search will help you with some of your preparations. But it is essential that you spend time preparing for your interview so you can land your next real estate job. Contact one of our recruiters to learn more about any of our open positions.