Reconsidering Your Career?

Reconsidering Your Career

If during the pandemic, you started reconsidering your real estate career, you are not alone. According to a recent Korn Ferry survey, 36% of workers used the pandemic disruption to reconsider their career options. In a normal year, this would be a great sign of the resilience of the economy. However, in 2021, this is a sign of a major shift in what employees value and expect from their career. As you think about what you want your new role to be, these are a few factors to consider.

Work-Life Balance

One factor many employees are considering is their work-life balance. Working remotely may provide the opportunity and flexibility for you to achieve a better balance between your work and home life. Additionally, the lack of a commute can help you devote more time to family than before. Many careers in real estate offer the opportunity to work outside of a traditional office setting including sales and leasing brokers, property managers and maintenance technicians.

Employee Benefits

Many employers are getting creative with employee benefits as they work to retain talent. Employee benefits are moving beyond just health insurance and a 401(k). Some employers are offering educational assistance such as paid tuition and licensing or professional development courses. Many real estate companies have supported their employees going for a broker’s license for years. This practice is expanding in 2021, with professional development of all kinds being supported.

Supportive Environment

The top reason that employees cited as a reason to change careers was a lack of support from their employers. More than half of the employees surveyed by SilkRoad Technology and OnePoll stated that they wished their employers had provided more support during the pandemic. Whether that support is from increased communication, assisting with a work-from-home set-up or a hybrid work environment, many employers are taking a close look at improving this aspect. Many real estate firms have a history of providing support and flexibility for employees due to the nature of the work.

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