Refresh Your Resume

Refresh Your Resume

Writing or refreshing your resume is one of the most challenging parts of a job hunt. Your resume is the first way an employer gets to know you. A resume should help recruiters and real estate companies understand who you are. It also helps them see if you would fit in with their firm. These tips from our expert recruiters will help you stand out from the crowd.

Write a proposal, not a job description

Don’t treat your resume as a list of what you have done. Instead, think of it as a proposal of the value and skills you can bring to a new company. While your responsibilities are a good place to start, your resume should be about you, not your job. The best way to craft a proposal resume is to think about the problems that the employer is trying to address in the role. Then, you should highlight the ways you have solved similar problems in prior roles. Maybe that is including statistics about improved occupancy at a property, maybe it is reducing maintenance costs. You can also remove the Objective Statement and replace it with a sentence highlighting and explaining your value for that firm. Recruiters and companies alike want to see what kind of an impact you would be able to have in a given role.

Don’t use a one-size-fits-all resume

Even if you are only targeting one job title, you should modify your resume for every application. Use the keywords and phrasing from the job description. This will help if the firm is using a scanning software. It also helps recruiters see that you understood what they are looking for as they are hiring. It can be time consuming to adjust your resume for every application, but it is more effective in the long-run.

Keep it brief

Even if you have 30 years of experience, no one wants to read a 10 page resume. By keeping things brief, you will be more effective at highlighting what is important. Use bullets or sentence fragments. Only include the parts that are most relevant to that job. You do not need to provide the same level of detail for every job. If it is not relevant to the role, leave it out. You can always provide more details in an interview. You can also provide more detail on your LinkedIn page for recruiters to discover more.

Our expert recruiters can help you find your next great role. When you submit a resume for one of our open positions, we will give you feedback and help you land your next real estate job.