Stand Out to Recruiters

Stand Out to Recruiters

Standing out to recruiters is a critical piece of any job search. If recruiters do not notice your resume, the chances of you moving forward for any job are limited at best. The best resumes concisely tell your story and make recruiters want to learn more. Your resume should tell recruiters about what you will bring to the table, but not fill in every detail of your experience or skills.

Customize your resume

While you should have a master resume detailing your experience and skills, this is not the version you should send in to recruiters. Your master resume should be the base you use to customize your resume for each position you apply to. Customizing your resume will help highlight your skills that will transfer to their role and also highlight the impact you can make once you are hired. You should also customize your resume to match the way the company presents itself. If their website presents a more casual tone, presenting a formal resume will make you stand out as a candidate who will not fit in there.

Use your social media platforms

Most recruiters will look at your social media platforms to get a better sense of each candidate. This means that you can leverage your social media platforms to present yourself as an expert on the field. Posting regular, relevant content can help you get into important conversations in commercial real estate and other industries. The more involved you are within popular hashtags and threads, the higher your profile will be when recruiters look. However, you need to add value through the content, you can’t simply repost conversations. Although this process can be time consuming, it can help you stand out and also gain insights into companies that are hiring.

Be honest

Although it seems counter-intuitive, be straightforward and direct with recruiters about your capabilities and achievements. You might meet most of the qualifications of a job posting, but need to improve a portion of your skills. By letting the recruiter know that you are eager to develop your skills in this area, you are showing initiative and making yourself more attractive. Job postings are wish lists for what an ideal candidate will bring to the table. Transparency lets you highlight that you meet and exceed a portion of the qualifications, and also letting them see where you might need to polish skills.

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