Hiring Trends

May 21, 2022
Hiring Remains Challenging in 2022

Hiring Remains Challenging in 2022

Although it has fallen out of the headlines, hiring remains challenging for many firms in 2022. A recent survey by GoodTime shows that nearly half of firms did not meet their hiring goals in 2021. The headwinds cited by the survey included increased demand for talent, increased selectivity by job seekers as well as a lack of qualified candidates. Changes in the Hiring Process Many of the in-office benefits which were touted before the pandemic […]
March 5, 2022
Employment Up in February 2022

Employment Up in February 2022

The employment data for February revealed that hiring rebounded in February after a slow start to the year. According to the BLS, employers added 378,000 new jobs in February, driving the unemployment rate down to 3.8%. These gains were higher than the 440,000new jobs predicted by economists. The job gains were widely distributed across industries, with healthcare and hospitality leading the way. In a positive sign for the real estate industry, the construction industry added […]
February 26, 2022

LinkedIn Tools for Your Job Search

LinkedIn has a wide variety of tools to enhance your job search. Smart job seekers already are aware of the potential to use their LinkedIn profile as an online resume. LinkedIn’s job boards are also very well known for their ability to help you find out who is hiring. Below are a few other LinkedIn tools to help your job search, bringing you to the attention of recruiters and getting hired. Change Settings to “Open […]
October 27, 2021
Multifamily Hiring Challenges

Multifamily Hiring Challenges

A new survey shows that hiring, staffing and recruitment are one of the biggest challenges facing multifamily real estate. Most respondents rated attracting new team members, training new staff and reducing turnover as their biggest obstacles within Human Resources. This shows how critical hiring and employee retention are for multifamily real estate operators. “The inability to backfill positions and the influx of inexperienced new hires that require training mean that teams have to do more […]
May 14, 2021
Retaining Talent

Retaining Talent in the “Great Resignation”

Surveys are showing that a "Great Resignation" is coming, as many employees held off on finding a new position during the pandemic. We have a few strategies that can help you retain your top employees