Job Seeker Insights

June 27, 2022

Negotiations for Real Estate Job Hunting´┐╝

Many professionals know that negotiation skills are critical for the real estate industry, but fail to bring them to their job hunting. As with making a deal for a sale or lease, negotiating for your next job is an essential part of landing the right job. Below are a few critical skills to bring to the negotiation for your next job. Know what you want As with closing a real estate deal, you should know […]
May 29, 2022

Stand Out to Recruiters

Standing out to recruiters is a critical piece of any job search. If recruiters do not notice your resume, the chances of you moving forward for any job are limited at best. The best resumes concisely tell your story and make recruiters want to learn more. Your resume should tell recruiters about what you will bring to the table, but not fill in every detail of your experience or skills. Customize your resume While you […]
February 26, 2022

LinkedIn Tools for Your Job Search

LinkedIn has a wide variety of tools to enhance your job search. Smart job seekers already are aware of the potential to use their LinkedIn profile as an online resume. LinkedIn’s job boards are also very well known for their ability to help you find out who is hiring. Below are a few other LinkedIn tools to help your job search, bringing you to the attention of recruiters and getting hired. Change Settings to “Open […]
February 6, 2022

Interview Tips for 2022

Interviews have changed dramatically over the last few years. Interviews are increasingly less about what your previous roles were and more about what skills you developed in them. A phone interview followed by an in-person conversation is no longer the norm. The questions a candidate should ask have also evolved. Being ready for how interviews have changed is critical for landing your next multifamily real estate job. Skill Development Many employers are no longer treating […]
January 23, 2022

Preparing for an Interview

Congratulations! The recruiter contacted you and scheduled a time for an interview. But how should you prepare? There are some key steps you can take to prepare for any interview that will help you move forward in the process and get hired. Company Research When you applied to the company, you should have done research on the company to get a sense on whether you would fit into their environment. For your interview, you should […]
January 8, 2022

Refresh Your Resume

Writing or refreshing your resume is one of the most challenging parts of a job hunt. Your resume is the first way an employer gets to know you. A resume should help recruiters and real estate companies understand who you are. It also helps them see if you would fit in with their firm. These tips from our expert recruiters will help you stand out from the crowd. Write a proposal, not a job description […]
December 15, 2021

Turn a Year-End Review Into a New Job

The year-end review can be a great launching pad for you to find a new job. Although it can be uncomfortable, year-end reviews are an opportunity to think critically about your current job as well as your strengths and weaknesses. Your boss might also be able to provide additional insights into your work that you can help you target a great new multifamily real estate position. Self-Review Insights Although it can feel awkward, conducting a […]
November 18, 2021

Job Hunts for the Holidays

Job hunting during the holidays can feel like a let down. Some companies are looking for people to start in the new year. Other firms seem like they are browsing for talented employees like LinkedIn and other job boards are a store. Many companies are simply avoiding the hiring question until after the new year starts. As a job seeker, this should not be a discouraging time for you. The holidays can actually give you […]
October 26, 2021

How to Find a New Job

Finding a new job is stressful and can make you very anxious. But whether you are starting your search for a new job while still employed or have quit and are now looking, the process is the same. As recruiters, we always recommend that people find a new position while still employed. However, 4.3 million people quit their jobs in August, the highest monthly total since they started tracking in 2000. As someone considering their […]