Top Traits for Multifamily Real Estate

Top Traits for Multifamily Real Estate

Multifamily real estate has been one of the biggest investment markets for more than 10 years. Many multifamily businesses that we work with find that their top employees share a few common traits, whether they are working in leasing, property management, accounting or maintenance. When you are hiring your next employee, you should consider whether they share these characteristics.

Good with People

The best employees in a multifamily company are good with people, both inside the firm and when dealing with tenants. Working in the multifamily industry means that you are dealing with a tenant’s home. As such, it is very easy for tenants to become angry. If a tenant needs a repair in their unit, the property manager and maintenance team need to to be ready to handle their concerns and questions.

Strong Communicators

Being a strong communicator is essential to working in multifamily real estate. Everyone in this industry needs to be able to communicate effectively with a wide variety of people, from tenants to contractors. Employees with strong communication skills will keep tenants up to date on any repairs or capital improvements to the apartment building as well as the status of these projects. Keeping them informed and aware will keep your tenants happier and more likely to renew.

Strong Project Manager

As part of working in multifamily real estate, the best employees have strong project management skills. Much of the work done by the property management and maintenance teams are individual projects. However, these departments also have routine projects to keep the property operating in the best condition possible. Keeping all of the different projects at a property moving forward is a trait shared by the best multifamily employees.

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