Traits of Top Financial Anaysts

Traits of Top Financial Anaysts

Financial Analysts are a critical piece of any real estate investment team and the best ones share a few critical traits. These traits go beyond understanding the relevant numbers too.

Aware of Market Trends

Financial Analysts help with underwriting and modeling the performance of a multifamily or other commercial property as an investment. Although many of their assumptions will change, based on the property and local conditions, some of the factors are at the macro level. Factors such as interest rate changes, projected rent growth and inflation all can change the way a property will perform on paper. The best Financial Analysts keep up on both economic trends and trends impacting the local market conditions.

Detail Oriented

The best Financial Analysts are very good at keeping track of a wide range of details. Being detailed oriented allows them to catch errors in the underwriting data as well as making sure that changes are pushed through their entire model. Many real estate professionals will adjust their assumptions as they are underwriting deals. If the changes are not carried all of the way through or are improperly applied, it can drastically change the bottom line and impact the investment. An attention to detail will make sure the number are correct throughout, no matter the changes.

Strong Project Management Skills

Financial Analysts also need to maintain strong project management skills. They typically are working on multiple deals at a time. In addition, they will perform regular analyses for internal teams. While other financial analyses are ongoing, some are ad hoc projects that require a faster turnaround. Tracking the progress, status and information for each deal, is essential for Financial Analysts.

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