Traits of Top Maintenance Techs

Traits of Top Maintenance Techs

Hiring a Maintenance Tech can seem overwhelming due to the broad nature of their job. Maintenance Techs can be working an HVAC unit, cleaning common areas and overseeing a major capital expenditure all in one day. The best Maintenance Techs share a few traits that will make them outstanding employees for your commercial real estate company.

1. Regular Building Inspections

A top Maintenance Tech will conduct regular building inspections to keep your commercial real estate or multifamily building running in the best condition possible. These inspections should all areas of the building and schedule regular inspections by experts for building systems such as HVAC and elevators. Top Maintenance Techs use these to identify small maintenance issues to address before they become a major problem. By prioritizing the building’s operation, they also help owners gain a greater understanding of the building’s condition. Owners then can better plan for major capital improvements such as new HVAC system or a new roof.

2. Focus on Long-Term Value

The best Maintenance Techs will help you create long-term value for your building. All Maintenance Techs will work to address the property maintenance issues as quickly as possible within budget. The top Maintenance Techs will prioritize finding a long-term solution to address the issue. If water is dripping into a unit, stopping the leak quickly is obviously a the first priority. But a great Maintenance Tech will also inspect the area around where the water came from to determine if there is something bigger creating the problem. They will find a long-term solution so that the same problem does not have to be addressed over and over again. Additionally, the best Maintenance Techs will recommend repairs and solutions that will have the greatest long-term gains for the building. They understand that all of the building’s systems are connected; while an apartment tenant might complain about the heat, the real problem might be poor insulation or old windows.

3. Strong Project Management

All Maintenance Techs juggle multiple projects (sometimes on multiple buildings). The best Maintenance Techs keep projects moving forward through communication and action. Sometimes, that means remembering to return to a routine project after an emergency repair. It may require letting tenants know that the project is waiting for parts. They may be overseeing several different groups of specialists repairing a major building system. Great Maintenance Techs do not let any projects slip through the cracks, keeping your tenants happy.

If you are considering hiring more Maintenance Techs, let our expert recruiters help. We guarantee that we will find you the right candidate for your role.