Ways to Get out of a Career Rut

Ways to Get out of a Career Rut

Career ruts can sneak up on anyone at any point in their professional life. It usually starts with a feeling of dissatisfaction or boredom at work. It eventually bleeds over into your personal life with irritability and impatience with others and increasingly snarky comments about work. Some common reasons that people get into a career rut are a lack of support for your career advancement, a lack of challenge in your work, or being overwhelmed with work. However, there are a few ways to dig yourself out of your career rut and feel reenergized and re-engaged about work.

Take some time for yourself

One of the simplest ways to re-engage with work is to take some time away from it. Unplug from work for a long weekend. Take a vacation. Stop checking your emails after a certain time. With so many workers working from home, it has been even easier for work to creep into your personal time. Re-establishing boundaries around your personal time to rest and recharge that part of your battery can make a huge difference. Even marathon runners do not run 26 miles every day.

Make a small change

Whether you make a small change at work or in your personal life, adding in a new challenge can help make you feel better. Pursuing professional education such as a certification can help you bring a fresh perspective to your career. Changing your personal routines can also make a big difference. Sometimes people blame the dissatisfaction they are feeling on their career, when it is is actually from how things are at home. Adding more exercise, changing your diet or learning a new skill can all help you feel better.

Start looking for a new job

Dusting off your resume and starting a job search can also help you feel more engaged. You might discover an internal opportunity that will challenge you professionally. You might find that you want to move to a totally different part of the commercial real estate industry. And sometimes you realize it is time to go after that dream job in another firm. Our recruiters can help you find an amazing new job in the commercial real estate industry. Check out our current available jobs to see if one of them is the right fit for you.