Work Habits to Change This Fall

Work Habits to Change This Fall

With Labor Day and the end of summer right around the corner, now is a great time to change a few of your bad habits at work. While it might not seem like much, addressing these bad habits can help boost your career in the long term. With up to 40% of our “decisions” coming from habits, establishing good habits is essential. Additionally, bad habits can create negative feelings and attitudes which will be reflected in your work. Changing your old habits into new ones is the solution. If you address these three bad work habits, you will be much happier in your job.

Procrastinating Projects

Do you go out of your way to avoid certain projects and then rushing to complete them before the deadline? Are you constantly taking care of the small things and letting the major projects slide? Procrastination is a natural impulse, but in a professional setting it can be really harmful. Whether you procrastinate through distractions or by taking care of less important tasks, avoiding any task will make your job harder.

The first step for a better habit is to figure out why you are putting off the project. Is the project too overwhelming? Is it unclear what your boss is trying to achieve? Do you not enjoy the work necessary to complete the task? Once you know why you are procrastinating, it is easier to move past this bad habit.

The “Sunday Scaries”

Are you anxious about going into work every Monday? It is normal to be anxious before a big week, but if the Sunday Scaries are hitting you on a weekly basis, you need to change your bad habit.

Before leaving work on Friday, why not map out the week ahead? That way, you will approach the week with a plan of attack and remove the anxiety of not being prepared. This map should include preparations for any meetings and items you want to address in the meetings. You can even go further and look at what you have going on two weeks or a month down the road and start planning for major items such as conferences well in advance. Taking 10 or 15 minutes to plan out your weekly agenda will let you stop negatively worrying about the future and enjoy your job more.

Poor Communication Skills

Do your teammates ask you a lot of questions on projects? Are new employees struggling to get the tasks you assign them right? Do you find your inbox flooded with tons of short emails? If any of these ring true, then you need to improve your communication skills. Poor communication skills can add time and uncertainty to any project. A 2013 survey estimated that poor communication skills cost large firms nearly $62.4 million annually.  

To improve this habit, first look at the ways you communicate with your team. If you are forwarding emails without explanations, you are assuming that your colleague knows exactly what it means. If you haven’t let them know about the project, you could be flooding their inbox with information that means nothing to them. Even just adding a little bit of context can make a big difference in the way your team works. At the very least, if you provide more direction, then they can potentially start work without your input.

And if your worst habit at work is staying in a job that doesn’t work for you, let our experts help. Our recruiters have connections to companies throughout the multifamily and commercial real estate industry. We are happy to help you land your next great job.